Are you a Cemetery or Funeral Home Owner?

We are looking for Sales Partnerships:

Simply With You is looking to partner with Cemeteries who have a database of existing clients to create an additional revenue stream by selling Simply With You as a new product they may be interested in adding to their loved ones grave. All we need is the customers email addresses from your database and we will create email marketing to offer discounted prices on our product while you earn revenue per product that is sold.

Our research estimates most cemeteries have sold an average of 75,000 plots and offer approximately 25 daily services. We would like to build revenue on the plots that have already been sold by adding our product to their existing headstone and adding our product to future plots being sold.

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Do you sell memorial products?

We are looking for Product Partnerships:

Simply With You is looking for product partnerships with memorial product companies who would be interested in adding our Simply With You memorial video code as a value add to your existing product. Our unique memorial code can be engraved on your product to bring your product to life for an additional revenue stream for your company with each product sold.

Our product will help increase your revenue with 2 options available:

  • Product Sale
  • Value Add

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Call us to 818-518-4135 or email us to